Nanny Shutdown

Nanny Shutdown 1.2

Nanny Shutdown will automatically shutdown your computer after consuming a predefined time credit a
1.2 (See all)


-You can apply a time credit to the total computer or to each user individually. If you specify it at the user level, the first time the user is logging on, he/she will be asked to specify the personal time credit. You can stop and restart your computer as many times a day you wish. The tool will take into account all those different timeslots.

- Version 1.1 supports multiple spoken languages.

- At the user level you can specify a unlimited time credit (shutdown will never happen to this user)

- This tool is running in the system tray, as a 'power plug' icon. If you hold the mouse pointer on it it shows your daily time credit left.

- During the last hour the user will be notified multiple times with spoken warnings. (1hour - 30min - 15min - 10min - 5min - 1min). I specially designed it this way so it will not interferes games with pop-up screens. You will hear the messages even in the middle of your favorite game.

- You can have Nanny Shutdown to start with each computer boot.

- Each day your time credit is refreshed. A new day start at midnight.

- If you ignore the vocal warnings, your computer will shutdown. If you restart afterwards the computer will shutdown again after 5 minutes. Or you should logon with a user who owns still time credit. Counters are reset each day.

- You are free to change the content of the spoken messages. Just keep in mind to respect the exact filenames and file type (.wav)

- Tested platforms : Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. Runs not on Windows 9x

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